Recursos de NAMI Skagit


Meet Little Monster!

“Meet Little Monster” is a brand new coloring book from NAMI Washington designed to facilitate the conversation about mental and emotional health with children and their parents and caretakers.

The coloring book is 100% Free!

“Meet Little Monster” is available in both English and Spanish

Tools2Thrive Toolkits

Washington’s United General District 304 has created Tools2Thrive toolkits that can be used throughout the year. Resources include information and ideas that individuals can use throughout their daily lives to prioritize mental health and continue to cope with the obstacles of COVID-19. There are practical tools that everyone can use to improve their mental health and increase resiliency, regardless of the situations they are dealing with.

Have a complaint about your insurance?

Is your health insurance company making it hard for you to get coverage for mental health and/or substance use disorder services? The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner can help you if you are on a commercial, fully insured plan or a Qualified Health Plan through the Washington State Health Benefit Exchange.

Island County's new Autism Spectrum Disorder website!

Island County now has an Autism Spectrum Disorder website.  Want to know more about: Screening, Evaluations, Resources (check out our disability resource guides), Support, FAQs and more? The website is designed to easily walk you through the process of potential concern, diagnosis and beyond.

University of Washington's Forefront Suicide Prevention

University of Washington’s Forefront Suicide Prevention is translating the research and expertise of leading experts in suicide prevention into innovative approaches that can save lives. The laws, programs and partnerships they have developed across Washington state are serving as a national model for bringing suicide prevention and mental health to the forefront of legislative agendas, school curricula and public awareness.

Wellness Resources

Maureen Kane Counseling Resources

A collection of breathing exercise videos as well as a collection of books and mobile apps.

*These calming video resources may be useful to you or family members. We teach some of these in NAMI's Signature Courses.  They are not an endorsement of this therapist by NAMI Skagit. 

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Right as Rain is a digital publication dedicated to helping you feel healthy and well. It is published by UW Medicine, an international leader in research, patient care and physician training, located in Seattle.

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provides empathetic, affordable, person-to-person care at scale, including medication management, behavioral health treatment, support groups, and care coordination, supporting patients wherever they’re at in their recovery journey.


What The Science Says  about Substance Use and Mental Health with Jason Kilmer

Jason Kilmer, Ph.D. a Univ. of WA Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences speaks on the topic of how increased THC potency, combined with daily use of cannabis over 10% THC (defined as high potency), increases the risk of psychosis five to six times compared to people who don’t use.

Asistencia COVID-19

Eviction help in Skagit County

A helpful and extensive list of resources by Washington LawHelp for those experiencing eviction during this time. Includes resources in multiple languages.

COVID Bill Assistance

Puget Sound Energy has launched an assistance program for its customers who may have been impacted by the pandemic. It’s called CACAP and if you qualify, PSE will credit your account for past-due balances up to $2,500. Eligibility is dependent on income.